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Feb 13 - James Sinclair appointed General Counsel at Ontario Securities Commission

Feb 13 - CBC's "The Current" to discuss today how the law is lagging behind technology

Feb 11 - Blackberry hires its first chief security officer to meet new cybersecurity challenges

Highlights from the Sedona Canada Webinar

  • Mar 2 2015

Increased emphasis on cooperation and discovery planning, a modified proportionality test and the increasing role of Information Governance in e-discovery were key themes covered by members of the Sedona Canada Steering Committee in last week’s webinar.  The panel highlighted the … Read more >

Is the Law Falling Behind Technology?

  • Feb 25 2015

The pace of technology continues to move faster and faster. A year ago, wearable devices, such as fitness monitors and smart watches, were something only a few hard core technophiles had. Now, they are everywhere. Similarly, 3-D printers, that can … Read more >

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